The dictionary defines equity as “the quality of being fair and impartial.” There are so many protests going on nowadays about gender inequality, racial discrimination, religious differences, and more. People seem to disagree about almost everything. Is this what the world has come to?

Everyone is raised differently. So, obviously, we don’t usually share exactly the same views with the next person. Hence, this means that the act of arguing with another is totally useless. Based on our experiences and values, we all seem to be in the right. Yet, some individuals feel superior over the other.

Considering all the hullabaloo over equality, or lack thereof, people should already be used to treating everyone in the same manner by now. Even companies have disregarded gender, nationality, age, and marital status in the resumés they require applicants to submit. Sexual harassment lawsuits which had been abundant few decades ago have quite a number of people learn off the mistakes of the defendants.

Actually, we have already come a long way compared to centuries back when blacks and women had no rights at all. Despite the huge change, there seem to be many people who still cannot accept that prejudice is the reason for most of this world’s problems.

Let us imagine a place where liberty prevails – where everyone has an equal right to freedom (without putting a hindrance to others’ freedom, as well). Of course, it doesn’t come without certain responsibilities. For every action, there is a consequence. So, complete freedom is actually an oxymoron. Opinions differ because of our different experiences in life. If we add to that our various friends and our relationships with them, even twins cannot feel the same way about anyone or anything at any given time. Consequently, our reactions to similar events are far from being the same.

One common disagreement is on religion. This is quite an amusing contrast of values. The ones who argue the most about whose religion is the best are the ones who don’t really understand God’s Word. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so adamant and haughty if they have rightly grasped the true meaning of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Actually, all believers preach the same gospel. They simply state the verses in different words, unknowingly making the “opposition” immediately dispute such statements!

Aside from gender, race, and religion, there is still so much discrimination out there. Some judge others according to education, financial situation, politics… Sadly, the list goes on and on.

A community, when there is harmony and understanding among its members, functions like a well-oiled hinge. There are no more unnecessary creaks and scrapes. When there is no one who acts superior over another and when everyone is considerate of his neighbor’s feelings, all the members of this society win. If nobody limits the freedom of others, nor increases one’s own, peace is within reach.

As soon as all human beings embrace each man as his brother, regardless of color or wealth, a perfect world is created.

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