Peace is the opposite of war, and yet it means so much more than that. It is not merely the absence of war. Making peace is not a passive act. We do not sit around and wait for it to happen. If our society has conflict or violence, we must take an active role to end it. But let’s face it. It takes an enormous amount of energy and immense sacrifice to be a peacemaker.

A wise man once said, “It is better to have peace than to be right.” A difference in opinion is usually what starts an argument. Being unique individuals with various backgrounds and experiences, we cannot help but see the world and its situations with different feelings. So, it is no surprise that conflicts arise and misunderstandings ensue.

The important thing is to recognize that if there is someone who opposes us, it does not mean that he is wrong and we are right or vice versa. We all just think differently. Our way of thinking results from our past relationships which can never be duplicated by another individual.

However, we do have something in common with everyone, and that is an inner longing for peace. Deep inside, we desire reconciliation – not the polite smile just to mask our resentment, but the sincere effort to want to get rid of all hatred — so that this world will have a better chance at happily surviving without war or animosity.

In order to make peace, we must start by building bridges. Our connection with one another is part of what makes us human, but to make it work, we must completely understand each other. Once a person recognizes the reasons for the other’s actions, understanding his behaviour and decisions becomes an easy task. So, if someone is in conflict with us, we don’t nurse the grudge. Instead of avoiding him, we can talk and ask questions rather than infuriate the other by making hurtful accusations. Everything can be solved by peaceful means.

To make it simple, let us follow God’s example. He forgives us so easily and died for us because He loves us all as His children. If He were to choose just one of us to replace Him on the cross, He wouldn’t because we are all equal in His eyes. Just like Him, if we can only love one another and treat everyone with the respect he deserves, this earth will then become the ideal gift to share to our grandchildren. And if we identify with that peacemaker that lives inside us, we can start to love our enemies, resolve our conflicts, and end violence. Through this stress-free method, we also lessen our chances of getting diseases.

What the world needs now, more than ever, is peace. If we can only find it in our hearts to fight for it regardless of the outcome, then the quest for peace has already begun.

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