When we are at our happiest moments, it is so easy to talk to God and thank Him for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us. We praise Him wholeheartedly and sing His praises in church, joyfully dancing and proclaiming our love and faith.

But when we are down, what do we do? We question His love for us. We immediately blame Him for all our misfortunes. We become resentful and doubtful, making Him the culprit of all our troubles. Where is the faith that we so ecstatically shouted from the rooftops? Where is the adoration that we unashamedly declared during Sunday worship? Is it right to trust God only in good times and instantly desert Him the moment we experience hardship?

Like most Christians, we are only human, after all. We cannot help but look for a scapegoat. But let us not make that an excuse for doing so. The fact that we are human means we are put on this earth for a reason. And that reason is not for us to question.

Since when did we have the license to question God’s plans for us anyway? There is always a solution to all our problems and if we just put all our trust in the Lord, all will be well. We recite the Bible verses so perfectly in church but the issue here is: do we sincerely mean what we say?

When we are confident that God will pull us through any adversity, there is no such thing as worry. How can we fear the future when we have unburdened all our troubles into God’s powerful arms? Confident with our conviction that the Lord will not give us anything we cannot handle, it is easy to plough ahead into the unknown. Isn’t it wonderful to have someone who relieves us of our troubles? Every individual has Jesus to rely on, but not everyone chooses to do so.

Living in poverty is not easy. Very few people take this road, but there are some who have no choice. Given this situation, we do have an option left. We can choose what attitude to face it with. If our house burned down with only a salvaged guitar left, we can be thankful we can still sing songs with it. If we have no money to buy new shoes, it is wise to be grateful to have both our feet still intact. If we lose our job, we have all the time to spend with our family instead of being too busy to see them. If we don’t have enough to eat, it might be helpful to think of those who are fed intravenously. We are lucky we don’t have the same disorders. Getting through life is all about having the right attitude – always looking at the positive side –rich or poor.

It doesn’t hurt to surrender all difficulties completely to God. Faith is our armor; with it, we are invincible.

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