5 Importance of Peaceful Protests In Democracy

Tolerance, cooperation, and compromise are values of democratic societies are committed to. Freedom of speech is understood to be fundamental in this kind of society. Thus, a public debate may not be completely suppressed even in times of emergency. So, for years now, the people have been using peaceful protests to bring about change. Having non-violent activities coincides with what the protests are really about. And, it should be the core principle of all the protests that will be happening or are happening these days. Or else, it would just be ironic. Non-violence is the best kind of weapon one can have, even in the midst of destruction.  Social movements like these should always make sure that peace and non-violent direct actions should always be imposed. If this should be carried out well, it will measure the success rate of the activities. 

Protests can be used in different aspects and parameters of the world; it can be about civil rights, racial discrimination, or anything else. Planning for protests may have caused by these kinds of circumstances. Carl Moyler’s book discusses some instances of social injustice, tyranny, racism, poverty, exploitation, and war.  It pens a compelling comparison of Albert Camus and Martin Luther King, Jr., two of the most well-known activist. It lays all the common ground for the two Nobel Prize Winners, considering their differences. On Freedom And Revolt by Moyler will give readers a better understanding of devastating social issues that can lead people to protests.

Peaceful protests are fundamental for human rights and in a democratic society. In this blog, you will learn the significant changes a protest can make. Below are the reasons why we need to protect and exercise the right to protest.

To Stand for a Cause without Violence

The thing about knowing where you stand is that you will know your worth as a citizen. Imagine that if you stand for nothing and are neutral to every factor in society, what will you stall for? Where will you end up? Choosing where you stand is a great way for you to have a strong principle in life. You will be able to follow your own values. Sticking up for what you believe in builds your self-respect. Standing up for a cause is not going to be easy. People are going to oppose. However, this is better than going against it just because it’s more convenient. Having to do it peacefully is something that can make it even more successful.

To Empathize with Others  

Empathizing with others with the same belief and stand as you do will be the most fulfilling feeling you can ever feel. Not only that, you will help make these people feel that they are not alone in the journey. However, doing it the right way should always follow. This is to avoid hostility. This way, you will become a more powerful entity, and what you will be fighting for will be heard. Peaceful protest is truly a way for you to be there for yourself and the people like you. Showing these people that you think the same thing will empower them to do more of these movements, more calmly.

To Respect the Law

It would help if you always took full responsibility for your actions. Yes, you are allowed freedom of speech. Nevertheless, it would be best if you still showed that you are still complying with the law. If you are protesting without controlling your emotions, you will never know that destruction you could make. Thus, if you plan to join a protest, you need to prepare yourself for non-violent actions. 

To Establish Safety 

Establishing safety for these kinds of movements will only add value to it. Plus, no one will be dealing with the aftermath. Thus, making sure that everyone who wants to participate in a protest should understand what the action is for, to stand for a cause peacefully. Safety is paramount. Risks will be mitigated. 

To wrap it up, peaceful protests are more valuable and more effective. These movements are what make a stand be heard. It makes volunteers and participants respect the law, but it will establish safety for all; being violent will only worsen the situation and not make any changes. 


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